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Appliance Mr. Fix-It

James Dolbeare, CSM is a media personality who was given the pseudonym “Mr. Fix-It”® for his expertise in appliance repair. The nickname was initially ascribed to him in a Chicago Tribune newspaper article on domestic appliance service in the early nineties.

Mr. Fix-It® was prominently featured as an industry expert in the national PBS television broadcast “Ozone: The Hole Story,” now regularly seen in high school science classes throughout the United States. He represented the refrigeration industry explaining the new EPA requirements and standards.

Mr. Fix-It® has worked on and around many popular movies such as “Return to Me”, “Groundhog Day”, “Only the Lonely”, and “Home Alone: I and III.” In the movie “Uncle Buck,” he was called upon to rig the microwave to blow up! In 2011, Mr. Fix-It and AAA Appliance Service Center was an expert featured on TLC’s Pawn Queens for an antique refrigerator.

An industry expert in the repair of major appliance equipment, Mr. Fix-It® writes and speaks on all matters relevant to the industry: financial, service management, business, security, logistics, technical training, antique ranges, etc. Mr. Fix-It® appears regularly in the Tribune, Sun-Times, Daily Herald, and a large variety of trade publications.

“The John Hughes movies were the most unusual experiences I have had in the industry and John Candy was genuinely one of the nicest people to work with.”

Individually, a Certified Service Manager (NESDA/NARDA 1995), and Certified Appliance Technician (ASC 1982); Dolbeare (Mr. Fix-It®) holds a degree in psychology and political science. Mr. Fix-It® sits on the College of DuPage’s Technical Advisory board for DAVEA, is a member of the United Servicers Association Industry Relations Commission, and the Appliance Consumer Services Task Force.

As an involved citizen, Dolbeare (Mr. Fix-It®) is a planning commissioner for the Village of Schaumburg, a past chairman of the Government Affairs Committee at the Northwest Suburban Association of Commerce and Industry (NSACI), and a founding member of the Schaumburg Business Association. Nationally, Mr. Fix-It® is a regular trainer and speaker for the North American Retail Dealers Association (NARDA), the United Servicers Association (USA), and the Commercial Food Equipment Servicers Association (CFESA).

Mr. Fix-It® performs repair of and provides consultation in the field of repair and maintenance services for home appliances and industrial appliances.

What Clients Say About Me

James of AAA Appliance Service Center is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about my appliances. I have top-of-the-line units, but they are about two decades old. I used him at another location with appliances from the 1950s, and he was again able to provide spot on service! I am very comfortable following his suggestions.
Carol N, Chicago, IL


Service Manager


Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in 1979 in Psychology & Political Science with a minor in Sociology.
Introduced to the appliance industry at 12 years old, James has since become a national expert and active member of appliance associations.  James has been an active speaker and trainer in USA along with MSA and NARDA.  Since 2007, he has held the executive Vice-President position to the United Servicers Association Board.
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