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everything from a refrigerator to a dryer needs a little love occasionally.  maintenance is the simplest way to increase efficiency,  prevent costly repairs and extend the life if an appliance.

all makes and models for home, food service and bio-tech equipment are eligible for coverage.

one (1) to five (5) year plans are available.  scheduled visits occur either biannually or annually.

billing occurs annually at the start of the year or monthly.  payments will renew during contract length.

if repair work is required, the trip fee is FREE and a 10% discount will apply to parts and labor.


an on-site assessment is required to verify coverage, diagnose and gather unit specifications.  appliances must qualify for the program. there is a $50 charge for visits outside of our 30 day service call warranty.

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basic plan

$12 per month
    • domestic brand(s)
    • $6 a month each additional

elite plan

$20 per month
    • premium brand(s)
    • $10 a month each additional

management plan

$16 per month
    • multi-unit or multi-property
    • $4 a month each additional

professional plan

$40 per month
    • food service and/or biomedical
    • $20 a month each additional

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