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Smart & Simple Appliance Maintenance Programs

just like your car needs an oil change, every appliance from a refrigerator to a dryer needs a little care occasionally. service program is the simplest way to increase efficiency, prevent costly repairs and extend the life if an appliance.

Need to see us more often?

If you have equipment that requires more than one visit per year, contact us for a quote at your earliest convenience.

maintenance service includes condensor cleaning, calibrations, decontamination, and deliming.

scheduled visits occur annually to monthly depending on the manufacturer recommendation. 

billing occurs annually at the start of the year or monthly.  payments will renew during contract length.

service call visit FREE with completed repair.  A 10% discount will apply to parts and labor on repairs.

residential brands + locations

basic plan

$12 per month
    • standard brand(s)
    • $8 a month each additional

elite plan

$20 per month
    • premium brand(s)
    • $10 a month each additional

property management plan

$16 per month
    • all residential brands brand(s)
    • $6 a month each additional per location

workplace locations + facilities


$32 per month
    • $20 a month each additional
    • per location


$32 per month
    • $20 a month each additional
    • per location

food service

$32 per month
    • $20 a month each additional
    • per location

Plan pricing above includes one (1) maintenance service agreement visit per year.  An on-site assessment is required to verify coverage, diagnose and gather unit specifications.  To qualify, units must be under 10 years old and in good condition.  Maintenance items are included; i.e. deliming and sanitizing solutions.  One (1) to five (5) year plans are available.  Multiple visits per year will be quoted on site.

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